Sunday, October 28, 2007

Guess what?!

P: We're pregnant! Instead of calling everybody, we're posting the news online. "Dumpling" (made in Prague) is 13 weeks old and 6.5cm long. Sandy is well and thankfully she's hasn't suffered any morning sickness. Sandy did stop eating meat for two months but that was probably a result of styling and photographing 25 roast turkeys, 15 legs of ham and various other animals for a local supermaket chain's Christmas catalogue. Luckily that three-week shoot is over so she's taking small amounts of meat again ... but only in Asian dishes, no more Western-style Christmas ham or turkey for a while!

We're both so excited and are devouring baby books. Luckily we have Holly and Nel in England and Katrina and Steve downstairs to turn to for advice since they both recently gave birth. Below is the 12-week scan:

Friday, October 26, 2007


P: Still in 'bier und wurst' mode after my recent trip to Germany, I went in search of teutonic sausage and stumbled upon an Oktoberfest party in Singapore! Two thousand people packed into an Erdinger-sponsored marquee on Merchant Road. The beer girls may not have been quite as buxom as their Bavarian counterparts but the weiƟbier was flowing just as fast. Also out were the lederhosen and Bavarian drinking songs ... we had to suffer 80s disco numbers. A big thank you to Suqi for emailing me the photos.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Chongqing mala steamboat

P: I woke up at 12pm today (it's a Sunday) and by 12.30 I was sitting in Chongqing Mala Steamboat Restaurant in Tanglin Shopping Centre. I'm not convinced super hot and spicy steamboat is a good idea for breakfast. We joined Yeo and Shannon ...

and Eric and Ling and kids ...

Enoki mushrooms, prawns, prawn balls, chicken balls, cuttlefish balls, fish balls, fish glue, beancurd skin, tofu, four types of veggie, dumplings, tanghoon noodles, tripe and twenty small plates of beef and lamb later, we could hardly walk. No dinner for us tonight.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ich bin ein Frankfurter

P: I've just returned from ten days in Frankfurt, Germany, where I was exhibiting at a trade fair. I'm always so busy at the fair that I don't have time to eat well. That's my excuse anyway. This year I survived on: 2 kebabs, 8 frankfurters with bread, and 12 salami and camembert sandwiches.

A typical dinner/lunch/breakfast of beer, bread, frankfurters and a sparrow:

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Katrina's birthday

P: Katrina and Steve threw another great party yesterday. We started in the garden but were forced inside when it began to rain. Dinner was a delicious Greek moussaka with garlic bread, pasta salad and green salad ... and a fantastic raspberry and chocolate mousse cake baked by Vicky. Greek coffee and Ouzo was the perfect way to round off the meal.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Mum & Dad's 40th wedding anniversary

P: Sandy and I flew back to England for Mum and Dad's 40th wedding anniversary. We were 60+ for lunch at Baxter Farm. Unfortunately the weather was pretty nasty but it was fantastic to see everybody again. And so many kids!!

Mum and Dad:

James and Fi's youngest daughter Anna ...

and their eldest Rosie:

Sandy and I:

Nel, Granny Faith, Mum and Dad, Holly:

Joe and I:

Holly chatting to Nikki, Granny Tatham on the far left:

Leela and Granny Faith:

Me, Nel, Faith and Dad:


Joe and his daughter Libby:

Holly and a little mole:

Holly, Nel and baby Oscar:

Anna again:

Obviously Rosie and Anna are the photogenic ones:

Queen Victoria and Marion:


Mel and Archie:


Dessert table:

Bob and Leela:

Dinner in the conservatory:

Faith with great-grandson Oscar: