Sunday, August 06, 2006

Henry's housewarming

Henry threw a bbq as a housewarming to celebrate moving into his new place in Sophia Court. A ground floor unit in a quiet development. We had full run of the swimming pool on a Sunday afternoon, which is amazing. Lunch came from the Brazilian butcher Esperito Santo and was fantastic. The beef steaks were the best I've had in ages. Also kebabs and sausages, field mushrooms baked with mozarella and tomato, enoki mushrooms wrapped in thinly sliced beef, asparagus with parmesan, and lettuce wrapped in prosciutto, ice cream, cheese. The perfect Sunday: bbq, beer, swimming, friends...

Clockwise from left: Yeo, Jonathan (hidden), Collin, Ling, Henry, Sandy

Clockwise from left: Shannon, Collin, Ling, Henry, Yeo


Friday, August 04, 2006

Black Bean Friday

Collin (on the guitar, in the background) and Fazzi (vocals) performed well at the recent Stripped: Acoustic Live competition at Wala Wala in Holland Village and got through to the finals. Go listen to Black Bean Friday play in the finals on 19 August (8pm) at Balaclava!

UPDATE: Black Bean Friday came third! Congratulations! They'll be playing again in Wala Wala in Sept.

Thalia is 1 year old!

Sandy tries to steal Thaila's birthday cake ...

but Thalia's too fast and quickly blows out the candle.

how come our house never looks this nice?